Project 1: The Blog

1A: The Blog

Make an account with

Set your privacy settings make sure the blog is public

Choose a theme under “Appearance”

Choose widgets also under “Appearance”

Add personal touches: photos, colors etc.

Create 3 pages for each project: About this Blog, Book Cover, Opening Movie Title Sequence.

Your posts page will be for the Reading, Classwork, Sharing & Viewing Assignments.  Each assignment is a new post.

Adjusting the blog throughout the semester is encouraged.  All assignments for the rest of the semester should be submitted as blog posts. 

This blog should be: easy to read, visually appealing and unique to the blogger

Submit blog link to Moodle

Submit screen shots of each page.

1B: The Revised Blog

Revise any elements of the blog from the feedback given to from peers and instructor
Re-submit blog link to Moodle along with text that describes what you changed