File Organization / Using Final Cut Pro X

File organization is very important when using Final Cut Pro X

Step 1:

Finder IconUnder a new Finder Menu

Click on the home files where it should be your login username (initials and number)

Under Movies > create a new file that is called

Final Cut Pro Libraries



libicnLibraries hold both your events and projects

Events hold the projects


Library > Project 3

Event > Project 3 Footage

  • Project 1 > First edit of Project 3
  • Project 2 >  Final edited version of Project 3

Step 2

Open Final Cut Pro X

File > New Library  [name it and save]

Select the new Library

File > New Event [name it and save]

Select the new Event

File > New Project [name it and save]

Step 3

Go to moodle and download the video sample under > Project 3

Save it to Desktop

In Final Cut Select the Event

File > Import > Media

Select the video saved on your desktop and import

Step 4

Select Event and then double click on the Project

The Project will open on the bottom in your Timeline

Select the Event and find a section of the video to edit out

SPACEBAR: plays and stops video

I: selects your in point

O: selects your out point

Once you have a highlighted yellow area selected click and hold and drag it down into the timeline



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