Creating a successful final project

  1. Be original 
    • All original content
    • Keyframe instead of picking a stock choice from Final Cut
    • You may use a song created by someone else
  2. Use the four ways to contrast typography
    • Shape
    • Size
    • Color
    • Strength
    • It is sometimes helpful to contrast between the title i.e. “Producer” with the person’s name
  3. Upload to Vimeo with plenty of time for processing
  4. Remember that you are making the opening title of the movie not the movie



Step 1:

Make sure white play head is at the starting point in timeline

Step 2:

Go to inspector and under the category you want to keyframe (for example scale)

Tick the grey diamond with a + symbol to add a keyframe.  You know it has worked because it turns yellow and the + becomes a x

Step 3:

Move the white play head in timeline further down the timeline to desired time

Step 4:

Go back to inspector and make adjustments to category (making it bigger, move the position, add color etc.)

Step 5:

Check to see that it worked by playing the video in the timeline

File Organization / Using Final Cut Pro X

File organization is very important when using Final Cut Pro X

Step 1:

Finder IconUnder a new Finder Menu

Click on the home files where it should be your login username (initials and number)

Under Movies > create a new file that is called

Final Cut Pro Libraries



libicnLibraries hold both your events and projects

Events hold the projects


Library > Project 3

Event > Project 3 Footage

  • Project 1 > First edit of Project 3
  • Project 2 >  Final edited version of Project 3

Step 2

Open Final Cut Pro X

File > New Library  [name it and save]

Select the new Library

File > New Event [name it and save]

Select the new Event

File > New Project [name it and save]

Step 3

Go to moodle and download the video sample under > Project 3

Save it to Desktop

In Final Cut Select the Event

File > Import > Media

Select the video saved on your desktop and import

Step 4

Select Event and then double click on the Project

The Project will open on the bottom in your Timeline

Select the Event and find a section of the video to edit out

SPACEBAR: plays and stops video

I: selects your in point

O: selects your out point

Once you have a highlighted yellow area selected click and hold and drag it down into the timeline



storyboardStoryboards are meant to keep you organized when capturing footage for your video.  They also help the concept become more clear from your mind to paper.

Draw out the action and camera motion using arrows.

Other information written under each shot such as “use a tri-pod” or “shot at night” will help you know which shots to capture first. Describing what is happening will help you relay the scene to actors or helpers.

Once the story is drawn out rearrange the shots to what makes sense in capturing the footage most efficiently.